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Our team is working very hard on completing an app, tailored to be the perfect weapon against loneliness. We want to create an app that is different, an app that takes care of the individual's need for contact, whether you are old or young.

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Mikkel V

Single Relations is a community who strive to make singles happy and contribute to singles having an active social life that is content and meaningful. Single Relations community breaks down loneliness and brings singles together for joint activities and experiences. We want it to be easy to find a like-minded friend, girlfriend or fellowship.

Break out of old habits

Embrace yourselve make your life wonderful  with new experiences and go out and meet new people. Make friends or find the one you were meant to be with. This is Single Relations

Wanna chill, travel , dine out, or…

We give you the perfect tool, for all of your needs. We will ensure you have the best oppertunity to find the people, who like the same as you.

Make your move

What happends when we make our first move? - We get release, we find out how easy it is. We get confidence and grow. Suddently it is not a first move any more, but just a normal move. Moves bring you to where you are in life. If you wanna change something make a move.

Say goodbye to loneliness

When the loneliness kicks in after work or in the weekend we got you covered. With Single Relations there are no need to feel lonely.